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FlipYourHousePro maximizes the value of your property by identifying and completing cost-effective renovations, fast. This makes your home the most appealing property in your neighborhood, and makes you the most money on its sale.




About FlipYourHousePro

Founder Tony Wheeler and a team of real estate experts will analyze, plan, implement, and manage a fast upgrade and sale of your home or rental property.

FlipYourHousePro knows which improvements will add value to your property and which ones will not.

We know what those improvements should cost, so we never overpay to have them completed.

We know what other homes with similar upgrades have sold for, and how fast they sold.

We make sure you don’t spend money for improvements that bring little or no value to your property.

We pay for all the renovations to your property, agreed upon by you before any renovations go forward.

At the closing of your home, you reimburse FlipYourHousePro for the renovations that were completed.

We upgrade your property faster, for less.

You won’t have to spend time searching for legitimate contractors and worrying about getting your property upgrade done right.

Because we’ve built an entire network of trusted professional contractors, FlipYourHousePro makes sure your property upgrades are done on time and at a low price.

We sell your property faster, for more.

Because we give your property the low-cost upgrades that increase its value the most, it can sell for a higher price.

“When my father passed FlipYourHousePro paid for and made all the renovations in three weeks, and sold the property for tens of thousands more than a real estate agent told us we could get.” — William W., Louisville, KY

From Start to Finish — We'll Take Care of It

With 15 years of experience building, renovating, and providing property valuation, you can trust the professionals at FlipYourHousePro to give your property the upgrades it needs and sell it at top value.

The FlipYourHousePro service includes:

Reliable Valuation

Reliable, professional, underwriter-tested analysis of the market value — not a guess by a real estate agent with one week of training.

Quality Contractors

Professional, efficient contractors — managed by construction experts.


15 years of experience in the real estate business as well as commercial and residential appraisal.

Increased Sale Price

10-15% increased sale price on most property upgrade projects.

Cost Savings

30-50% savings on most renovation costs.

Pre-Closing Support

We handle all pre-closing repairs that your buyer's home inspector requests.

Get started with free, no-obligation information.

Additional Services

We can provide radon testing and will mitigate if necessary.

We can provide licensed, accurate documented house measurements.

We can provide licensed appraisals by Kentucky’s highest-certified appraisers.

We handle all pre-closing repairs that your buyer's home inspector requests.

We’ll even provide respected mortgage loan officers to help if you’re moving into a new home.

We don’t get paid until you get paid.

"We wanted to sell the condo my mom left me but we couldn’t afford the improvements that it needed. The house flipper's offer was insulting. FlipYourHousePro did it all for us and I made the profit." — Sherry V., KY

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"I owned a home in Kentucky while living in Chicago. FlipYourHousePro handled everything; they completed all the renovations within two weeks and advised me on a realistic selling price. All I had to do was come to the closing." — Mark M., Chicago, IL