Business Consulting: Profit Recovery Specialist

Lewis Rudy has spent the past 25 years reverse engineering profits for companies and business owners. Traditional top down management practices simply don’t address how businesses make money. These models leave business owners hoping they can drive profits, but generally give business owners what’s left and not what was attainable. For most that is too volatile and unstable.

Mastering the techniques and strategy of reverse engineering of your business insures results and permanently removes excuses and marginal performance from all aspects of your business.

Every facet of your business must adjust to drive sustainable performance.

In life and in business, a fresh start and a press of the “reset” button can change our entire outlook on a situation, if we are willing to do it.

Many consultants fly too high above the details of a company and their suggestions are reflected in their impersonal approach.

Our approach is hands-on, side-by-side with business owners to reverse engineer profits. We personally see that course of action through.

Motivational business jargon and vague "feel-good" stories of success do not interest us and are not what we do.

We carefully and diligently learn your company's identity from the ground up and help restore real urgency and belief within your company. At Rudy & Associates, we welcome the opportunity to provide this service to you and your business. Contact us today and start the conversation!


Headshot of Lewis Rudy in a suit and tie

Lewis Rudy is Founder and President of Rudy and Associates. Lewis works with business owners and their teams to build strong, intentional business growth. He identifies, isolates and eliminates the root causes of margin compression and under performance. He has worked with dozens of regional, national and international companies to redefine and add real value to the organization. Typically, year-over-year results turn into triple-digit profit improvement. Lewis' approach is challenging and always brings about actionable change. In addition to his client work, he actively facilitates a number of CEO and Senior Leadership roundtables as well as educational programs such as REDI.

Lewis is an inspiring teacher and mentor, empowering employees and leaders to innovate and exceed performance metrics. He has a history of providing companies and organizations with immediate and long-term success.

Lewis graduated with a degree in Political Science and History from Concordia University and completed the Stanford University Graduate School of Business in the Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Executive program.


Photo of Lee Quinn

Lee Quinn works with business owners that want to change their trajectory and momentum. Lee crafts, with the owners, plans to move the business forward and participates with them to execute their plans. Lee's goals are to make the company and its team successful and sustainable for the owner.

After a successful thirty-eight-year career of managing his family's business, Restonic, Sleep Products in New Albany, Indiana, and holding numerous positions in the company, Lee served as CEO from 2006-2016, exiting with the business' sale.

Lee served on the Restonic Corporation board of directors for twelve years. Lee was active on committees at the International Sleep Products Association that included recycling and ANSI manufacturing standards for the mattress industry.

Lee graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor's in Marketing. Lee is currently attending the University of Louisville, pursuing his MBA in Entrepreneurship.


Photo of Carroll Mackin

Carroll Mackin has always loved the technical aspects of business, with his strong manufacturing background bolstered by Engineering and Sales roles. Carroll worked with The Lincoln Electric Company (Ticker LECO), the world's largest welding machinery and consumables company. He was Consulting Manager at Coopers & Lybrand Consulting and A.T. Kearney. Carroll specialized in operations improvement projects while working national and international engagements for companies such as Kimberly-Clark, Sunbeam, Nabisco, Olin Inc. and Quaker Oats.

Carroll is the Founder and the CEO of Great Northern Holding LLC, a manufacturing holding company started when he was 29. He managed Great Northern Holding LLC through growth along with a period of financial stress, ultimately resulting in the consolidation of the business and selling of several business units.

A graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, he received his MBA and Master of Engineering from the J.L. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He is married to Jennifer Mackin, CEO of The Oliver Group, Inc., a leadership consulting firm.


Photo of Larry Smith

Lawrence (Larry) Smith is a proven executive leader with over 25 years of experience in the Manufacturing, Biotech, Automotive and Chemicals fields. He works directly with business owners and leadership teams to guide them through difficult financial and operational situations and transform overall performance. In addition to his client work, he is a CEO executive coach leading a Vistage peer advisory group, and he leads a leadership roundtable for the National Association of Women Business Owners, NAWBO.

Lawrence has held CEO, COO, CFO and audit positions in multiple organizations, ranging in size from $1mm-$200mm annual revenue, and he has successfully guided those organizations to grow sales, improve profits and attract and develop leadership teams. He has also successfully guided organizations through informal financial reorganizations and Chapter 11, developing both short- and long-term strategic plans with banks suppliers and other stakeholders.

Lawrence earned his Master of Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University and his Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University.

Growth Seminars: Are you REDI?

REDI is a highly regarded 4-session seminar series designed to stimulate and examine the critical thinking of owners, CEOs and the next generation of leaders to build sustainable and profitable businesses for the future.

The series focuses on key disciplines helping business leaders circumvent or endure the most common struggles they encounter. Most importantly, REDI is a program that equips willing leaders to be able and prepared for growth in their workforce and their company trajectory.

Are you frustrated with your business' performance?

Do you find yourself guessing when you’re deciding what strategies to use for your business?

Are you stuck in a pattern of repeating what you’ve always done, merely because you are afraid of change or what is the right change?

Perhaps you identified with each of these questions, or perhaps you’re curious and in need of a fresh perspective to reinvigorate your business. In either case, REDI is the perspective you need.


Recognize and seize opportunities.


Expect and predict results.


Decide the best course of action.


Implement your new knowledge through team engagement.



“Lewis is an action oriented professional who thinks and executes within a global environment. He provides energy and vision to an organization and effectively utilizes his exceptional leadership skills to motivate and improve the company's financial and strategic position. I have been extremely impressed with his understanding and ability to balance strategic focus and tactical execution. I have no doubt that his experience, financial leadership and solid skill set will continue to provide a positive impact on those around him.”

— Jim Bostwick, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Cerex Advanced Fabrics, Inc.

“I worked with Lewis when I was a buyer for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. There are those people that you remember and simply those you do not; Lewis is one of the memorable ones. He knew how to make it happen, service the customer in a great sales way without the customer even knowing that he was being sold. Lewis is not one of those people I worry about because intelligent people always figure out a way to the top. Anyone looking for someone that can help you make money, look no further.”

— Brady Hill, President of Greensource

“Lewis is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with all people. His communication and planning skills are excellent. Lewis is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.”

— Jeff Corber, President of BB Color Inc.

“The REDI seminars provided an excellent cross section of business topics. It helped our Leadership Team gain insight from subject matter experts.”

— Jeff Murphy, President & CEO of ECT Services

“REDI is a mini powered MBA course. I have not been this energized about the business or our business in a long time.”

— Angie Fleitz, Executive Director of Business Development of Solid Light

“The REDI Disciplines Course proved to be an outstanding series of professional presentations that added value to our company. The Presenting Partners were all very skilled in their respective disciplines and each course provided considerable benefit to our company. We have used several of the seminar components in our strategic planning process. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is interested in improving the performance of their organization. It is time very well spent.”

— Bryan Slade, President of Ecotech Waste Logistics

“I was thoroughly impressed by the applicable content of the presentations. I have been a business owner for 15 years and still find myself reaching for answers from an organizational and a sales perspective. Their presentations cleared my vision in the areas of sales and company management. The concepts they discussed are not new concepts to business, but they forced me to look at these concepts from a different, better angle, angles I had passed by or let slip by. Utilizing the content of each presentation will no doubt help my company moving forward.”

— Daniel Bland, President of Quantum Ink

Rudy & Associates

Rudy & Associates is a business earnings consultation firm that partners with eager businesses in search of strategies that stimulate change of perspective and change of prospective results. The team's objectivity and willingness to examine all aspects of a client's business have produced countless stories of real, profit driven change and positive company cultures.

Our clients successfully exit the rollercoaster ride of inconsistent earnings and get control over their business future. Our approach creates both short-term recovery and long-term gains.